Privacy Policy
Effective date: January 19, 2019
Revision: 7
Latest revision: May 17, 2021

This privacy policy applies to our website, Looking for privacy policy for Top Run? It’s here!

We don’t use cookies. We don’t use any analytics, we don’t have any settings or data to store. We don’t track you in any way.

We embed videos from YouTube, but we use the no-cookie type of links. It won’t set any cookies and allow YouTube to track unless you play the video, in which case it would. You can run Firefox with a Google container to limit Google’s tracking abilities.

We have a contact form on our website. It uses reCAPTCHA by Google to protect us against spam. There are links to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service related to reCAPTCHA on the contact us page. Our contact form requires you to fill in your full name and email address. While you can use a fake name, we still need your real email address so that we can respond to you. We do not use your email address in any way other than to respond to you and we will never send you any unwanted messages or sell your email to anyone else.

We do not store any data about you on our servers, is just a simple static website.